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Information Générale

Contrairement Ă  Fallout 3, dans Fallout: New Vegas vous obtenez un perk tous les 2 niveaux. Il y a 88 perks normaux, 8 perks de compagnons et un certain nombre de perks associĂ©s aux quĂȘtes. Pour Ă©viter que le joueur puisse augmenter ses compĂ©tences trop facilement comme dans "Fallout 3", la plupart des perks de type boost de compĂ©tence ont Ă©tĂ© supprimĂ©s et remplacĂ©s.

Perks normaux

Nom Niveau req Autres req Rangs Effet Code

Veuve noire/Tueur de femmes

2 1 +10% damage to the opposite sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters.
Cherchez La Femme/Confirmed Bachelor 2 1 +10% damage to the same sex and unique dialogue options with certain characters.
Friend of the Night 2 PE 6, Sneak 30 1 Your eyes adapt quickly to low-light conditions
Oh Hisse ! 2 ST 5, Explosives 30 1 All thrown weapons fly farther and faster for you.
Hunter 2 Survival 30 1 In combat, you do 75% more critical damage against animals and mutated animals.
EntraĂźnement intense 2 10 You can put a single point into any of your SPECIAL attributes.
Rapid Reload 2 AG 5, Guns 30 1 All of your weapon reloads are 25% faster than normal.
Retention 2 IN 5 1 Skill Magazines have a longer duration
ElĂšve vif 2 IN 4 3 You gain an additional 10% whenever Experience Points are earned.
Cannibale 4 1 When you're in Sneak mode, you gain the option to eat a human corpse to regain hit points, but lose Karma.
Compréhension 4 IN 4 1 You gain one additional skill point for reading books and double the skill points for reading magazines.
Erudit 4 IN 4 1 You gain two more skill points every time you advance in level.
Entomologiste 4 IN 4, Survival 45 1 You do an additional 50% damage every time you attack a mutated insect.
Enfant de l'atome 4 Survival 70 1 The more irradiated you are, the bigger the bonus to your healing.
Run 'n Gun 4 Guns 45 or Energy Weapons 45 1 Reduces accuracy penalties with one-handed ranged weapons while walking or running.
Travel Light 4 Survival 45 1 While wearing light armor or no armor, you run 10% faster.
Trauma 6 1 +5% overall damage, more violent death animations.
Demolition Expert 6 Explosives 50 3 +20% damage with explosives
Ferocious Loyalty 6 CH 6 1 When you drop below 50% HP, companions gain DT.
Découvreur de trésor 6 LK 5 1 Considerably more Bottle caps will be found in stockpiles.
Gunslinger 6 1 More accuracy in V.A.T.S. with one-handed weapons.
Hand Loader 6 Repair 70 1 When using Guns, you are more likely to recover cases and hulls. You also have all hand load recipes unlocked at any reloading benches.
Lead Belly 6 EN 5 1 -50% radiation taken from food and water sources.
Shotgun Surgeon 6 Guns 45 1 When using shotguns, regardless of ammunition used, you ignore an additional 10 points of a target's damage threshold.
The Professional 6 Sneak 70 1 Your sneak attack criticals with revolvers, pistols, and submachine guns (guns and energy weapons) all inflict an additional 20% damage.
RĂ©sistance 6 EN 5 2 +3% DT permanently
Vigilant Recycler 6 Science 70 1 When using Energy Weapons, you are more likely to recover drained ammunition. You also have more efficient recycling recipes available at workbenches.
Commando 8 1 More accuracy in V.A.T.S. with two-handed weapons.
Cowboy 8 Guns 45, Melee 45 1 Increases damage done by dynamite, hatchets, knives, revolvers, and lever-action guns.
Anatomie Vivante 8 Medicine 70 1 Shows health and Damage Threshold of any target. +5% bonus to damage against humans and non-feral ghouls.
Voyageur organisé 8 Intelligence 5, Barter 70 1 Items with a weight of two pounds or less now weigh half as much
Quick Draw 8 AG 5 1 Makes weapon equipping and holstering 50% faster.
Rad Resistance 8 EN 5, Survival 40 1 +25% Radiation Resistance permanently.
Chapardeur 8 LK 5 Considerably more ammo in stockpiles.
Stonewall 8 ST 6, EN 6 1 +5 DT against melee and unarmed attacks and cannot be knocked down during combat.
Strong Back 8 ST 5, EN 5 1 +50 Carry Weight.
Super Slam 8 ST 6, Melee Weapons 45 1 All melee (except thrown) and unarmed attacks have a chance of knocking your target down.
Terrifying Presence 8 Speech 70 1 Can intimidate foes through dialogue; closing dialogue results in the foe fleeing for 5 seconds.
Here and Now 10 1 You instantly level up again.
Animal Friend 10 CH 6, Survival 45 2 On 1st rank, hostile animals become friendly. On 2nd rank they come to your aid against enemies except against other animals.
Finesse 10 1 +5% Critical Chance
Math Wrath 10 Science 70 1 Reduces all AP costs by 10%
Miss Fortunate 10 LK 6 1 Chance that Miss Fortunate will finish off a target in VATS.
Mister Sandman 10 Sneak 60 1 Can instantly kill a sleeping NPC, and earns bonus XP
Mysterious Stranger 10 LK 6 1 Chance that the Stranger will finish off a target in VATS.
Nerd Rage! 10 IN 5, Science 50 1 +15% DT and Strength increased to 10 whenever health is 20% or lower
Night Person 10 1 +2 Intelligence and +2 Perception between 6:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.
Plasma Spaz 10 Energy Weapons 70 1 AP costs for all plasma weapons are reduced by 10%.
Fast Metabolism 12 1 +20% Hit Points restored with Stimpaks. 00094ebf
Ghastly Scavenger 12 Cannibal perk 1 When you're in Sneak mode, you gain the option to eat a super mutant or feral ghoul corpse to regain hit points, but lose Karma.
Hit the Deck 12 Explosives 70 1 + 50% DT against explosives.
Life Giver 12 EN 6 1 +30 hit points.
Long Haul 12 EN 6, Barter 70 1 Being over-encumbered no longer prevents you from using fast travel.
Piercing Strike 12 Unarmed 70 All your unarmed and melee attacks negate 15 points of DT.
Pyromaniac 12 Explosives 60 1 +50% damage with fire-based weapons. 00031db2
Robotics Expert 12 Science 50 1 +25% damage to robots, can shut down robots by sneaking up on them 00031dc2
Silent Running 12 AG 6, Sneak 50 1 Running no longer factors into a successful sneak attempt.
Sniper 12 PE 6, AG 6 1 More likely to hit the target's head in V.A.T.S. 00031db4
Splash Damage 12 Explosives 70 1 Explosives have a 25% larger area of effect.
Unstoppable Force 12 ST 7, Melee Weapons 90 1 You do additional damage through enemy blocks with melee and unarmed attacks,
Adamantium Skeleton 14 1 Damage taken by limbs reduced by 50%. 00094ec4
Center of Mass 14 Guns 70 1 In VATS., you do an additional 15% damage when targeting the torso.
Chemist 14 Medicine 60 1 Chems last twice as long,
Jury Rigging 14 Repair 90 1 Repair any item using a roughly similar item.
Light Step 14 PE 6, AG 6 1 Floor traps or mines will not be set off. 00031db7
Purifier 14 1 You do 50% extra damage with melee and unarmed weapons against centaurs, nightstalkers, spore plants, spore carriers, deathclaws, super mutants, and feral ghouls.
Action Boy/
Action Girl
16 Agility 6 2 +15 Action Points 00031dba/
Better Criticals 16 PE 6, LK 6 1 +50% damage with critical hits 00031dbb
Chem Resistant 16 Medicine 60 1 Half as likely to get addicted. 00099827
Meltdown 16 Energy Weapons 90 1 Foes killed by your Energy Weapons emit a corona of harmful energy.
Tag! 16 1 Fourth "tag" skill: +15 points to that skill.
Weapon Handling 16 ST < 10 1 Weapon ST requirements are now 2 points lower than normal for you.
Computer Whiz 18 IN 7, Science 70 1 Can hack a locked down terminal with four more chances. 00031dc4
Concentrated Fire 18 Energy Weapons 60, Guns 60 1 More accuracy in V.A.T.S. with every attack on a given body part queued.
Infiltrator 18 PE 7, Lockpick 70 1 Can pick a broken lock with one more bobby pin. 00044cb0
Paralyzing Palm 18 Unarmed 70 1 Can paralyze an enemy for 30 seconds with a V.A.T.S. unarmed attack. 00044caa
Explorer 20 1 All locations are marked on your map. 00031de5
Grim Reaper's Sprint 20 1 A kill in V.A.T.S. restores 20 AP immediately. 00099834
Ninja 20 Melee Weapons 80, Sneak 80 1 +15%( 15 luck skill) critical chance with melee and unarmed weapons, +25% damage with sneak attack criticals
Solar Powered 20 EN 7 1 +2 Strength and +1 HP every 10 seconds while outside, from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. 00031dc5
Laser Commander 22 Energy Weapons 90 1 You do an extra 15% damage and have a 10% extra chance to critically hit with any laser weapon.
Nuka Chemist 22 Science 90 1 Unlocks special Nuka-Cola recipes at the Workbench.
Spray ‘n Pray 22 1 Your attacks do much less damage to companions.
Slayer 24 AG 7, Unarmed 90 1 The speed of all your melee and unarmed attacks is increased by 30%.
Nerves of Steel 26 AG 7 1 Faster AP regeneration.
Rad Absorption 28 EN 7 1 -1 Rad every 20 seconds.

Perks de Compagnons

Fallout: New Vegas n'est pas le premier jeu Fallout Ă  introduire le concept des perks de compagnons, mais c'est le premier dans lequel les perks vont affecter tout votre groupe de personnages en entier.

Nom Compagnon Req Effet Code
Better Healing Arcade Gannon Regain more health from all consumable sources.
Enhanced Sensors ED-E Detect enemies at a very far range, and enemies that are cloaked can also be targeted in V.A.T.S.
Regular Maintenance Raul The condition of weapons and armor decays 50% slower.
Scribe Assistant Veronica The player can craft workbench items through Veronica’s dialogue.
Search and Mark Rex Chems, Firearms & Ammunition within a short distance are highlighted when you zoom in.
Spotter Craig Boone Hostile targets are highlighted whenever the player is actively aiming.
Stealth Girl Lily Increases Stealth-Boy duration by 200% while also granting sneak attack criticals an extra 10% damage.
Whiskey Rose Cass Consume Whiskey and not have any adverse side effects or addictions, while raising your damage threshold.

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